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Unless you have a robust mold removal system put in place by a mold remediation company in DC like AA Action Waterproofing, any overlooked water damage is an easy way for mold to form and thrive. 

While you might be on your way after wiping the floor of the water, the water seeping through the concrete and crack would be puddling to give a healthy room the perfect environment for the mold to grow. Furthering the process would be the little to no ventilation and the darkness of the basement. Then there is water pooled from rain or your regular gardening, around the foundation of the home, due to improper drainage system. Ignoring it can deteriorate the structural integrity of the home and also lead to mold growth, which is detrimental in impacting on human health conditions. 

Mold leads to allergies and can also aggravate existing allergies of certain people. It is important to note that not everybody is sensitive to mold, which is why only certain people get sick with allergies and fever. Some of the common symptoms of molds are irritation in the eye or twitchiness, continuous and unexplained wheezing, skin irritation, coughing, throat infection, nasal stuffiness, etc.which leads to health disorders. 

If someone had experience with molds, they would be quick to spot apparent signs of mold growth but what about the hidden ones? The problem with water damage is that it can happen out of sight around the plumbing and drainage areas. It is naturally not possible for anyone to look in these particular places but if not inspected and treated at the right time, it can lead to mold growth. 

Allow us to share with you some tips as to how to detect the hidden signs of water damage so that you can take the necessary steps before the situation worsens:


Are the walls and ceilings of your home losing its color? If yes, and you can not explain why there is a high possibility of water damage. The same goes for the sinks- if there are water rings and wet stains under the sink, there is water damage in that area, which should be checked immediately. The bathroom is another area where there is always a strong possibility of mold growth because of the moisture and temperature. Check under the sink, in the walls, ceilings, and baseboards for any sign of mold and mildew. 


Are the walls in your warping outwards? This happens when the sheetrock behind the walls absorbs excess water and starts to bend and curve, leading to the warped shape. It is important not to overlook it, as it can lead to mold growth and extensive structural damage if not treated at the right time. 


It is easy for sheetrock, wood, or drywall to gain a peculiar musty odor once the water starts to seep into them. This not only degrades the quality of the building material but also becomes an excellent place for mold growth. If you begin to notice a strange smell in certain parts of your home, that is an indicator of water damage or mold growth. 

While those mentioned above will come in handy to prevent the possibility of mold growth, it is essential to keep in mind that your inspection might not always be right, and you might overlook sure vital signs. This is why it is essential to consult a professional service like ours for estimation and mold remediation service. We have been in the foundation, basement repair, and mold remediation service for over three decades. Our certified and licensed technicians guarantee quality repair and remediation services. You can trust upon AA Action waterproofing’s insured and bonded services in strengthening the integrity of your home. 
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This entry was posted in Water Damage on November, 25, 2019