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When Is It Time To Replace A Foundation?

A foundation is something that should last forever. It doesn’t, since nothing lasts forever, but it should at least last for several decades before showing signs of age, signs like cracks, buckling, and warping. And since foundations should last forever, homeowners often start to worry when these signs first start to appear. Many feel they need to replace it right away or risk compromising their house and watching their property value sink like a stone.

However, not every foundation problem is an all-or-nothing situation. A good foundation contractor can repair cracks, correct buckling with piers, and straighten basement walls with anchors.

On the other hand, there are times when nothing less than a complete replacement will do. Here are some of the signs which may indicate that your foundation is beyond salvaging:

  • The concrete is crumbling. Very old foundations have both time and poor quality concrete working against them, and as a result they may be too weak to accept wall anchors or foundation piers.
  • The foundation is too weak to hold the house during a natural disaster. While a foundation may happen to be strong enough to keep a house from collapsing while nothing else is going on, certain disasters like earthquakes and floods can put this connection to the test. If the foundation fails this test, the house will float away, leaving its old location behind.
  • The current repairs are failing. After a certain point, adding more anchors, piers, and other repairs can no longer improve the situation.
  • You waited too long for repairs. With foundation repairs, it’s best to get them done as early as possible. They won’t ever get better on their own, after all. If you wait too long, the damage may simply be too severe for an easy fix.

Of course, no matter which signs and symptoms you see, you should get an expert’s opinion before deciding whether to repair or replace your foundation. If you live in Maryland or neighboring states like Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey, you can contact AA Action Waterproofing to arrange for a free initial inspection and written estimate. We’ve been repairing and replacing foundations for three decades now, and our experts are very good at figuring out exactly what your home needs to stay in good condition.

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on August, 18, 2016