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Water Leaks Invite More Than Mold

Mold is a very tenacious form of life. Its spores are all around us, indoors and out, and it only needs a little bit of moisture to start growing. However, a significant water leak can lead to more than just mold infesting your basement or crawlspace.


Few words in the English language can put fear into the heart of a homeowner like “termites.” These insects live on wood, the same wood we use to build our homes, and the only reason they aren’t more common is because of all the steps we take to keep our homes dry. No water means no life, after all. However, a water leak gives termites the chance to get a foothold in your walls and floors, and even if you catch them early you can never be sure you got them all.

Carpenter Ants

Like termites, carpenter ants live in untreated wood, but they prefer to use wood as a construction material rather than a food source. Still, they’re similar in one important respect: it’s impossible to know if they’re gone for good after they first show up.


Silverfish thrive in damp areas, and they thrive on starch, which they get from food and paper items. This makes them a full-blown pest, and among the best ways to get rid of them is to get rid of the moisture that keeps them alive..

Rats And Other Rodents

A water leak can indicate that part of the basement wall or the foundation block is weak, possibly even weak enough for a burrowing creature to make its way inside. They may or may not make it to your kitchen, but either way rodents can carry diseases, and parasites into your home, along with providing a way for other animals to make their way inside.

When it comes to removing these pests, it’s not enough to hire a company to get rid of them, you also need to hire a different company to waterproof the area and make it harder for them to reappear. If you live in or near the state of Maryland, contact AA Action Waterproofing when it’s time to do the second job and we’ll make sure it’s done right the first time.

This entry was posted in Water Damage on August, 19, 2016