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Sniffing Out The Presence Of Mold In Your Home

Sniffing Out The Presence Of Mold In Your Home One of the best methods you can use to determine if mold has found its way into your home is using your nose. Mold has a very distinct smell, and even in small amounts, this smell can be a telltale sign that mold remediation is necessary to save your health and your belongings. If you’re not sure what mold smells like, we have a method you can use to create for yourself, safely, your own point of reference!

First, take a rag or washcloth that you don’t much care about. Take this rag, and you may use tap water or rainwater as you see fit, and saturate it completely. Once saturated, wring out the rag and leave it sufficiently damp; you don’t want it dripping, but you want to make sure it’s kept nice and moist.

Once you have your wet rag, put it into a medium sized Ziploc bag and sip the bag almost all of the way. You want to leave a small space open in the closing mechanism of the bag to allow air to get in, but you don’t want too much air to get in so that the rag doesn’t dry out. Once you have your rag in your bag, with the small space open for air, take it and place it in a cupboard or similarly dark and temperate area.

Leave the rag in the bag in the dark space for a few days to a week, and once that week is up, open up the bag and sniff inside. The smell you’ll smell is extremely similar to the smell you’re like to experience if mold is present in your basement, and you can use this smell as a control to compare the smell of your basement to.

If you find that your basement smells much like the rag and bag trick, you’re probably dealing with mold lurking somewhere in the shadows. Mold growth needs to be remediated, and we can help at AA Action Waterproofing. If you suspect mold growth in your home through smell or any other outlet, call us today and see how we can help.

This entry was posted in Mold & Mildew, Mold Remediation on February, 11, 2016