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It’s Just Something In The Air – Mold Allergy At Home

It's Just Something In The AirAs the summer season progresses, many Maryland residents are feeling the cycles of different pollens and allergens in the air. Certain irritants will have a stronger effect on certain people, simply based on how their immune system responds to the spores. For many residents, the answer may be to simply stay indoors during times of higher pollen counts, and to use high grade filters and air cleaners throughout the home. However, trouble can arise when the truly dangerous allergens are actually already living in the structure of the home.

The Problem With Molds

Mold spores can have a profound effect on health, and with thousands of species already common to the Maryland region, this can also mean that the likelihood of a truly dangerous mold infestation can be fairly high. While mold allergies are common in many ways to hay fever, there are some distinct symptoms that can alert residents as to whether there is a problem:

• Skin rashes with no apparent cause
• Extreme issues with breathing, often compared to an asthma attack
• Dizziness and lightheadedness
• Nausea
• Confusion and memory impairment
• Emotional fluctuations and sometimes aggressive outbursts

These major symptoms are often a combination of the body’s natural reaction to an allergen, as well as a specific reaction to the toxins in certain spores. This also makes it imperative for residents to deal with the problem quickly, as mold spreads rapidly and is highly difficult to fully remove.

Although mold in the home can have causes such as leaking pipes or poor construction in the house, the most common place where these colonies start is in a wet basement. When these areas have excess moisture or have suffered flooding, it can further create an environment where spores will flourish.

Contacting AA Action Waterproofing can give homeowners a number of solutions for a healthier and happier home. Along with actual measures for waterproofing the basement, our caring and certified teams are also able to handle remediation measures with mold overgrowth, and monitor the health of the home.

This entry was posted in Mold & Mildew, Mold Remediation on August, 03, 2015