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How The Polar Vortex May Have Affected Your Foundation

How The Polar Vortex May Have Affected Your FoundationFoundation damages and cracks are most commonly caused by soil movement, and soil can be moved easily by various weather occurrences. The polar vortexes experienced by much of the country, and certainly the east coast, this past winter were undeniably brutal, and while they undoubted your mood, your travel, and your daily plans, they may have affected your home’s foundation as well.

As weather temperatures change, the ground affected by snow, ice, or extreme cold will contract and expand. This is most commonly seen when potholes begin to pop up during the winter months, and this same process can lead to damage to the foundation of your home. The contraction and expansion of the ground around your home during extreme cold and heat can lead the soil to move dramatically, which undoubtedly takes a toll on the structure of your building.

Not only can this cracked foundation hinder the stability of your home, it can also lead to further leaking into your basement area. To add insult to injury, the cold and icy weather that brought the cracks to your concrete foundation also brought a great deal of snow and moisture, which will turn to liquid water as it thaws. During these big thaw out periods, the water seeping into the ground can travel through these cracks and leak into your basement, leading to property damage, mold growth, and standing water in the home.

At AAA Action Waterproofing, we can help to repair your foundation after this brutal winter to ensure that your home stays dry and safe throughout the entire year. Our methods are individualized to ensure that your specific problem is sufficiently taken care of, and to create a safe foundation area once again. If you have noticed cracks in your foundation after this winter, call us today to see how we can help!

This entry was posted in Structural Damage on April, 21, 2014