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Different Types Of Basement Waterproofing

Different Types Of Basement WaterproofingWhen water is allowed to leak into a basement structure, this can lead to property damage, mold growth, foundation problems, and a big headache for homeowners. Having your basement waterproofed is the best way to avoid these problems before they become problems, and at AA Action Waterproofing we believe that is always best to prepare rather than repair when it comes to water damage and exposure. We perform various different basement waterproofing procedures to ensure that your specific water problem is taken care of, and the type of action we take to waterproof your area will depend on your individual structure and needs.

One waterproofing technique that may work wonderfully for one home may not work at all for another, and this is because water can enter a basement in so many different ways. Taking a general approach to waterproofing is never ideal, as a professional should want to get to the root cause of a specific problem, and that is precisely what we do at AA Action Waterproofing. The first step we take in choosing the type of basement waterproofing that is best for you is listening to all of the details of your individual problem. This will mean investigating with you where and when the problems seem to occur, and looking deeper in to any structural issues that may be at hand.

If a structural problem such as a cracked foundation is found to be present, then we will focus on that to make sure that the problem is safely eradicated. A cracked foundation can not only lead to various structural damages around seemingly unrelated areas of the home, it can also lead to water seeping through the walls of your basement. Through filling the cracks and making sure the foundation remains secure, we can eliminate these leaks and make your basement dry and safe once again.

If water seems to be leaking up through the floor of an area, a sump pump installation may be the best course of action to put an end to further leaks. These pumps are used to suck water up before it enters a space, and draw it away safely from the home to ensure that the basement area remains dry and free from the ground’s moisture. Backup systems may also be installed to ensure the sump pump continues to work properly during power outages and serious storms.

At AA Action Waterproofing, we use many types of basement waterproofing to keep your home dry, and it is our goal to make sure problems can be eliminated even before they occur. To learn more about different waterproofing techniques, or to find which method may work best in your home, contact us for a consultation today.

This entry was posted in Water Damage on April, 23, 2014