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Homemade Mold Removal Can Cause Super Strains Of Mold

Homemade Mold Removal Can Cause Super Strains Of MoldSpores of mold are everywhere. You may have heard something similar about bacteria; how bacteria are on every surface in the world, including inside your body. Well the same holds true for mold spores. They float around the environment, and, like bacteria, are impossible to get rid of. So getting rid of mold is more about destroying its habitat than destroying the spores.

The at-home remedies for mold remediation, which is the professional term for mold elimination, can actually promote more mold growth. Most of the do-it-yourself solutions actually use a water based solution to kill the mold. Sure, the water is infused with tea tee oil, grapefruit seed extract or household cleaners, but the fact remains that the solution is water based. When you spray to kill the mold, the solution itself stays behind to foster an ideal environment for more mold.

Mold needs moisture to thrive. If you use at-home sprays and do not properly dry the area afterward, then you might produce more mold once you are done trying to kill the mold. And most household cleaners do no kill all mold spores. These homemade mold removal remedies only kill a certain percentage of mold. This leaves behind the strongest mold spores that will use the water based solution to multiply. You’ve essentially created a super strain of mold that is now infesting the home.

Professionals use a multifaceted attack on mold that kills 100% of currently infested spores. They then use professional machines that dry out the areas in which mold had lived. This drying out process can even dry out the most difficult surfaces like porous rock or wood. When the area is completely dry, the habitat of the mold is destroyed and all mold is removed. It is then up to you to keep the area dry.

This entry was posted in Mold & Mildew on December, 20, 2013