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Remove All Hazards Caused By Floods in the Basement

Remove All Hazards Caused By Flooded BasementsWater is a powerful conductor of electricity. Water is also nature’s best source of destruction. When it happens, the hazards caused by floods in the basement include electrocution hazard and can also even cause damaging gas leaks. This can turn your safe home into an obstacle course of danger. If you notice that your basement has flooded, then it is a good idea to take some precautionary steps before the cleanup begins.

You should not step into any amount of water in the basement without doing a little scouting first. If the water is up and over the electrical outlets on the walls then the electricity needs to be shut off from outside the house. You can call the electrical company who will send someone over to disconnect the power from the grid.

If the water is not above the electrical outlets, then you can examine if the path to the fuse box is clear. If it is not, you can jury-rig a bridge there using wood panels, plastic chairs, or anything that isn’t made of metal. It is also a good idea to where rubber boots or waders.

Opening the fuse box and turning off the power with the wooden end of a broom can protect you even further. It may be a little difficult to do all those things with a broom, but the added protection can be worth it.

Once the electricity is off, you can walk around the basement without an electrocution risk. This will allow you to check the piping and turn off any gas lines that need to be turned off. It is especially safe to check the washer and dryer’s lines, too. For safety sake, it is a good idea to remove all hazards to you and your family before the tedious work of de-flooding the basement begins.

This entry was posted in Water Damage on December, 18, 2013