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How Can You Know If Your Home Is Suffering From A Mold Problem?

How Can You Know If Your Home Is Suffering From A Mold Problem?Does your home have mold?

This might seem like a simple question — either it does or it doesn’t, and you should have a good idea what’s the case. However, it is more difficult than it might seem at first, and in many cases, only a professional can give you a real answer.

The truth is that every home “has mold.” Mold is a resilient and versatile fungus that you encounter outdoors every day, and your indoor air likely has a certain quantity of it as well. However, it only takes a single drip to cause a mold problem.

It’s Not Always Easy To Tell If You Have Mold — Or What Kind It May Be

Many of the signs of mold are difficult to distinguish from other common problems.

For example, all of these situations might be associated with mold:

  • Difficulty breathing and sporadic coughing that might be similar to a cold or asthma.
  • Itchy, watery eyes, sore throat, headache, and other symptoms similar to seasonal allergies.
  • Respiratory infections that linger and don’t respond as usual to “over the counter” medication.

If you are finding that you need to “go for fresh air” more and more often, the culprit might be right there under your nose — in your indoor air. And an even more serious mold problem could result if you end up with a flooded basement or other household flood.

Are You Certain You Don’t Have Mold? Let AA Action Waterproofing Make Sure

Despite the best efforts of homeowners and business owners, mold is extremely resilient. It can develop in dark, moist places all throughout the home — in all those same nooks, crannies, and that can also play host to infestations.

In fact, you should take the possibility of mold just as seriously as you would any other kind of infestation. Like termites or other vermin, mold can damage your home and pose a very serious danger to your health — whether you’re aware of it or not.

At AA Action Waterproofing, we do whatever it takes to completely eradicate the threat of mold and make sure it never comes back. Our 27 years of expertise combines with our reputation for excellent service to make sure of it every time.

Call or email us today to get started with your mold remediation.

This entry was posted in Mold Remediation on January, 16, 2015