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East Coast Shouldn’t Negate Preventing Flood

Good News For The East Coast Should Not Negate The Importance Of PreventionAlthough the projected forecast for storm activity in the Gulf region is considerably higher for this year, the Atlantic coast is expected to enjoy a season that has much less of a threat for hurricanes making landfall on the east coast. This will come as a considerable relief for residents on the shore, since it will mean less emergency protocols and a greater ability to relax through the summer weather.

While this is a positive prediction, there are still factors that should be taken as warning signs for adjunct damages to the home that can still be a strong possibility.

  • Overland storms – while this can simply refer to larger rain events that are moving along the jet stream from the west coast, this can also mean the precipitation and smaller storms that happen when a gulf hurricane breaks up over land, as it moves back towards the Atlantic. While residents will avoid concerns such as pressure and wind damage as well as some storm surge, the excess rain can still lead to leaks and flooding in the basement.
  • Low possibility does not mean no possibility – the good news about Atlantic hurricanes is really quite relative. Although the projections for this year are around a third less than 2014, it still indicates the possibility of around 40 potentially named storms. Although these may remain as tropical depressions, they can still release a considerable amount of precipitation.
  • Pressure – while hurricanes can cause considerable damage in general, many of the problems that affect homes are actually related to the pressure changes. These pressure changes can impact ground water levels, and can even cause bodies of water, including inlets and ponds, to break their banks. It should also be noted that pressure accompanies any type of storm, including overland thunder storms and even small tropical depressions.

The result is that while a lot of home damages will probably be avoided this year due to the prevalent weather patterns, this does not necessarily reduce the chances of basement flooding. Maryland and nearby coastal residents are encouraged to contact AA Action Waterproofing, so that we can assist with taking measures to prevent basement flooding. With waterproofing solutions that will fit both current and expected needs, Maryland residents can feel confident that their measures on preventing flood will reduce potential costs later.

This entry was posted in Water Damage on July, 02, 2015