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4 Times When You Should Have Your Foundation Checked

Four Times When You Should Have Your Foundation CheckedIf you haven’t thought about getting your foundation inspected lately, now is a great time. More and more people all throughout Maryland are deciding to be proactive about making sure their homes enjoy the benefit of a strong foundation and a waterproof basement.

While it’s always a good idea to make basement waterproofing part of your renovation plans, there are some specific circumstances where it makes sense to be sure that your foundation gets the “once over” as soon as possible.

  1. After A Basement FloodIf your basement has been flooded, even for a short time, then odds are good that the situation did at least some damage to your foundation. This is something that can be easily diagnosed and rectified as long as it’s caught before it has a chance to get even worse.
  2. After Major Interior RenovationsIf you have recently renovated your home and changed the internal layout of the home, then the work that was done may have done some minor damage to the foundation. Contractors should strive to avoid this, but sometimes, depending on the work being done, it may be inevitable.
  3. When New Additions Are PlannedIf you’re planning on putting a new room on the house, especially if it’s going to be the start of another story, double-check to make certain that get your foundation checked. In many areas, this is a required part of the process of making an addition and you’ll have to show proof.
  4. After A Major StormIf your property isn’t draining correctly, then a major storm can harm your foundation and encourage water to pool up under and around it. If there’s a big storm and you’ve noticed other signs of potential foundation damage, it’s a good time to double-check.


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This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on March, 25, 2015