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Foundation Repairs Requires “Detective Work” Not Everyone Is Truly Prepared For

Foundation Repair Requires “Detective Work” Not Everyone Is Truly Prepared ForAre you concerned about your home’s foundation? Thinking about calling on someone who can help you diagnose foundation repairs issues and get them fixed? Read this before you go forward!

Homeowners often consider the possibility of foundation damage when the home has suffered through a flood or other crisis that could cause issues. There are probably hundreds of firms around Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, and the Carolinas promising to help with this.

However, getting to the bottom of the issue requires some real deduction!

When Was The Last Time You Did Some Inspection Of Your Building’s Foundation?

The signs of foundation damage can be very subtle — and homeowners often overlook them, thinking that they are simply part and parcel with the aging of a structure.

For example, something as simple as hairline cracks in the walls or sudden tears in your wall paper can suggest that your foundation is becoming damaged.

Foundation damage is significantly accelerated by any contact with standing water. That can come from a catastrophic flood — the kind of flood that you know about right away — as well as from unseen shifts in the ground water around your home.

During serious flooding conditions, every hour that your foundation is exposed to water can add a year to its functional age. When repairing foundations, it’s important for a contractor team to hunt down the risk factors and make sure they won’t recur.

Otherwise, you could end up getting your foundation repaired again sooner than you think!

Let The True Experts At AA Action Waterproofing See To All Of Your Needs

At AA Action Waterproofing, we understand the complex and often misunderstood relationship between your foundation and your basement, so we can provide accurate recommendations in all situations.

If you have had a basement flood, then your foundation may have sustained serious damage that you don’t know about yet. If you’re living in an area where flood conditions are a risk, then you should get preventative work done to waterproof your basement.

Our licensed, bonded, and insured professionals can provide you with a true “expert’s eye” when it comes to your foundation — rendering visible all of the invisible foundation issues that can unexpectedly creep up on you over time.

Let’s get together and make sure your foundation is solid as a rock. Call or email AA Action Waterproofing from Maryland, Virginia, D.C. or anywhere in our service area to get help now.

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on January, 02, 2015