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Fixing Your Foundation Before Winter

Fixing Your Foundation Before WinterThe name alone can tell you just how important it is to the structural soundness of your home, and we at AA Action Waterproofing want our Maryland area customers to know just how important fixing your foundation before winter can be. During the winter months, Maryland will see quite a bit of freezing, snow, and tough winds, causing the ground to contract and expand over and over. What this natural freezing and movement will do is cause your foundation to be under quite a bit of stress, and added stress on an already cracked or damaged foundation can wreak havoc on your home’s structural integrity as well as its ability to keep water out.

During the summer months, this is the perfect time to have your foundation checked, repaired, and checked again to ensure no water will be finding its way in, and that your foundation will be able to withstand whatever this winter wishes to throw at us. Even with a plethora of predictions, the weather is always something of a mystery, and you never know when your home may next have to deal with a big melt, a big snowstorm, or a really deep freeze. The unexpected polar vortex our area experienced a couple of years ago wreaked havoc on area foundations, and there is no telling when we may see conditions like that again!

When the winter rolls around, you want to be prepared for all that will come along with it, and we at AA Action Waterproofing want to help you to get that way. By fixing your foundation now, and making sure your home is waterproofed and sound, you can rest assured that your home will be able to withstand anything this winter decides to toss its way, while remaining dry and perfectly safe.

If you wish to have your foundation checked and repaired before winter comes along, and you want to avoid any small cracks turning into big ones, simply call us today at AA Action Waterproofing to get started!

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on July, 15, 2015