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Fixing Your Foundation After Winter Damage

Fixing Your Foundation After Winter DamageWinter is finally over for the mid-Atlantic, and after a cold season that seemed as if it would never end, many are wondering how they can repair their foundations left cracked and at risk after the deep freeze. Cold and snowy winters like the one we’ve just experienced wreak havoc on your foundation, as the soil shrinks and expands with each freeze and thaw. As the ground thaws and soaks in the moisture from melting snows, the soil will also move and shift, which places unnecessary stress on your foundation as well. With all of this stress, your foundation is likely to experience cracks and damages, and this is the prime time of year to begin seeing these damages and what they do to your home.

In terms of leaks, these cracks are where moisture is going to make its way into your home. Through these cracks, you’ll find moisture accumulating on basement walls or on the floor, as water soaks through the soil and right into your home. Because this is moisture that isn’t often spotted quickly, it’s also moisture which often results in mold, and this means that you’ll be dealing with leak cleanup as well as a mold remediation if you don’t keep your eye on what your foundation may have gone through during the winter months.

We at AA Action Waterproofing offer all types of foundation repair services. Fixing your foundation after a rough winter helps to keep your structure sound as well as keep water out. Some of the most common foundation repair services we offer, particularly after a long winter season, are foundation wall stabilizing services, foundation settlement repair, and craw space repair as these cracks start popping up all in and around your space.

If you’ve been surveying your property and you notice some cracks in your foundation, now is the time to take control of your home’s foundation health before it really does damage to your space. At AA Action Waterproofing, we can check out your foundation for cracks and take care of any necessary repairs, and all you need to do is call us today to get started!

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on May, 18, 2015