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The Facts About Mold In Your Home

The Facts About Mold In Your HomeFinding mold within a home is not uncommon, although extenuating factors can impact how these spores will react with human health and the structure of the home can depend upon the type of mold that is growing and the concentration of the spores. While it should be noted that mold and mildew in the bathroom, kitchen, and other well trafficked damper areas of the home are probably not a concern, it is also fairly difficult for owners to distinguish when mold is innocuous or harmful.

With such great health concerns regarding the impact of mold, many homeowners have become more vigilant about taking precautions before there is a problem. At AA Action Waterproofing, our mold remediation services can assist homeowners in both identifying possible harmful fungi in the structure, but we are also able to take steps to ensure that it will not become a future issue.

Along with removal of existing colonies, this can also include inspecting crawl spaces and basements for areas of seepage, fixing cracks in the basement walls or house foundation, and waterproofing basements and other areas where moisture, and mold, can be gaining access to the dwelling.

Facts About Mold: What To Do When Mold Is Present?

While common molds can simply be a matter of general home maintenance, owners can also take steps to address areas where the mildew may create more of an impact. Signs that there may be a greater mold issue with the home can include:

  • Dark patches on the drywall
  • Condensation in rooms with exterior walls
  • Standing water in the basement or crawl space

These indicators tend to show that there is further colonization than may have been expected and also that the molds present could be harmful.

Although evidence indicates that allergies and type of diseases most often associated with molds can be a factor to individual susceptibility of individuals, it can still be important to identify mold types, especially if there is concern that more toxic species are present within the home. Regardless of whether a person is sensitive or not, as soon as mold is seen or smelled, there may be a potential health risk. This means that arrangements for getting rid of the mold should be a priority.

What is considered an acceptable level of mold can vary greatly, depending on the species. At AA Action Waterproofing, we can assess the levels and take the appropriate steps to ensure removal and amend structural concerns that could be contributing to the problem. We can not only confine the threat, but we can also evaluate your structure as a whole to determine the best means of keeping your home mold free, moisture free, and healthy.

This entry was posted in Mold Remediation on March, 09, 2015