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What You Can Do To Reduce Mold

What You Can Do To Reduce MoldWhile many people who already are sensitive to mold can react strongly to even a mild presence of spores, letting mildew become an overgrowth can have an impact on any individual. The reason is because even innocuous fungus still releases spores that also contain mild mytotoxins that can trigger a reaction. This means that reducing mold as soon as it is noticed can be highly effective for improving quality of life.

At AA Action Waterproofing, we often encourage our clients to take internal measures for reducing mold as well as engaging professional help to attend to the larger structural concerns. Along with looking at exterior factors that could be contributing to mold infiltration, owners should also be looking within the home for signs of possible colonization.

  • Compost piles
  • Cut grass
  • Wooded areas
  • Rotting leaves
  • Cellulose recyclables

All of these may be outdoor reasons for why a home is succumbing to mold.

  • Uncontrolled humidity
  • Poor ventilation in showers and kitchens
  • Condensation from poor insulation
  • Seepage through foundation cracks
  • Run-off that collects in the basement or crawl space

These are all indoor areas that should be examined when making attempts to reduce mold.

Cleaning Up

From the homeowner’s perspective, routine actions for cleaning up mold will help to further reduce the threat of a widespread colonization. In many cases soap and hot water, or a bleach and water solution can be used to treat surface mold and will also sterilize the area sufficiently to ward of any spores that may try to root in the substrate.

Along with this treatment, it is also recommended that owners call AA Action Waterproofing in order to have the full extent of the problem evaluated and to enact further changes that can reduce the chance of mold problems in the home. This can include waterproofing the basement or setting up drainage that can wick the dampness away from the structure. By collaborating with maintenance and improvements to the home, the dwelling can become, and remain, mold free.

This entry was posted in Mold Remediation on March, 10, 2015