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How Is Your Foundation During Winter

When The Snow Melts FoundationMost of the Virginia and Maryland area has already experienced significant precipitation over this winter, with two spikes in the new year alone. While most residents are concerned over how the immediate effects of storms and snowfall will affect their daily routines, many do not consider how these environmental conditions can also influence the future of a home. This can be through acute and ongoing factors that can cause significant damages to the structure of the dwelling.

One of the things that homeowners should be stay aware of is the fact that snow can impact a house both through the moisture and the weight. This means that melting snow can be erosive to foundation during winter and can also infiltrate the structure through either permeating the concrete or seeping in through existing cracks. Further, excessive snowfall can be heavy enough to split older foundations, and this can become compounded, especially if the water gets into crevices in the stone before freezing.

While people are aware that water expands with freezing, this knowledge does not always translate into a practical application. At AA Action Waterproofing, we have had clients who are highly surprised to find that the foundation on a newer home has been compromised, only to discover that it is the result of freezing moisture shattering the stone.

The weight of snowfall can also result in damages that are incurred indirectly. This can include situations where snow has shifted or bent the gutters, causing run-off to be directed towards the home rather than away from it. As the snow continues to melt, and spring rainfall is added to the situation, homeowners may suddenly find that they have basement flooding, which had not been an issue previously.

Taking Action With Your Foundation During Winter

In most cases, it can be exceedingly difficult to try and plan for all winter eventualities, but there are some changes that residents can make which will also help protect them from a number of home repair concerns. Basement waterproofing can be one ideal way to address these possibilities, since the process can also uncover concerns such as:

  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Poor drainage
  • Condensation issues
  • Seepage into the living area

The preventive action of waterproofing the basement can not only be a sound course to address these immediate concerns, but can also improve the longevity of the home. By calling AA Action Waterproofing today, you can be sure that your home and loved ones will stay comfortable and protected, without the possibility of future damage remediation.

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on March, 06, 2015