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Drawing A Line – Preventive Safety At Home

Drawing A Line - Preventive Safety At HomeBasement flooding in Maryland and the surrounding eastern region can be the result of a number of factors. However, construction issues and poor drainage on the property can be the greatest contributors to moisture and outright flooding of the basement. Correcting these issues can involve a number of approaches that may have a greater or lesser initial investment, but the result is also that costly damages and repairs are also avoided. Here are ways on how to implement preventive safety at home.


The Flow Of Water

One of the things that is important to realize with drainage issues is that water will always take the path of least resistance. This means that environmental features such as natural washes, or nearby construction that alters barriers to the flow of water, can hugely impact whether a home will have problems with basement flooding.

Another point that can be necessary to look into is the basic design of drainage for the home. This is often related to the gutter systems around the dwelling, and can include:

  • How often gutters are cleaned and if blockages are present
  • How well the gutters actually divert water from the home
  • If the gutters have the correct structural capacity for average rainfall in the region
  • If there are damages or missing sections to the gutters

What happens when this drainage does not function as it should, is that the run-off water begins to erode and infiltrate the foundation. The longer the drainage problem persists, the more likely that basement flooding will be a consequence in the future.


Reinforcing And Redirecting

Although part of the solution is to maintain the gutters to lower the impact of water flow, exterior and interior drainage alterations can also prevent basement flooding and the financial strain of recovering from property damages and repairs. In some cases, simple reinforcement of the foundation and changes to the gutters can prevent water from getting into the basement.

In other situations, a new drainage system around the perimeter of the home can also be the answer to diverting rainfall and other excess water away from the foundation of the home. These systems can still be easily installed, and can be a more sound measure in basement waterproofing, as it can content with extended rain events.

As spring rains are turning into more sunshine, it can be good for homeowners to make note of the water flow on the property and possible drainage problems around the home. Contacting a professional basement waterproofing company can be the best action to take in the dryness of summer, to prevent a soggy fall and winter.

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on July, 07, 2015