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Familiarity Can Breed Molds At Home

Familiarity Can Breed MoldJust as every person has a unique style and personality, every home has its own quirks and features that make it special, particularly to the people who live there. One of the most individual things that we encounter at AA Action Waterproofing is home homes smell.

This can be a combination of building materials, personal scents that people wear, and even cleaning products, including air fresheners. However, homes can have their own special scent that is separate from the inhabitants, and may be more of a feature of structural design and environmental conditions.


Scents And Air Quality

It is also a common habit for many homeowners to associate a pleasant scent in the home with good air quality. This can be partially true, as air that simply smells fresh, due to good filtration and a minimization of dust, can be also considered to be good quality. However, air that smells pleasant due to a combination of cleaning and scent products could be hiding a darker secret.

Another point that homeowners should consider regarding air quality is that residents of the home often develop a desensitization to certain scents, because they are around them all the time. This can also apply to musty and mildew type odors, which may be apparent to visitors, but not to the people who live in the home.

Mildew and mold can cause a variety of health concerns, and should be professionally handled for remediation and further preventive measures to reduce basement moisture and the recurrence of mold colonization. Since familiarity with household scents can frequently mask the issue, there are still some signs that homeowner can look for to determine if there is an issue or if there are situation that contributes that breed molds at home.

  • Visibly seeing more patches of mold moist places in the home
  • Needing to expend more effort in keeping the air smelling fresh
  • Spending considerable time outdoors, and then returning to the home to initially detect a musty scent that seems to fade with time

While these points can alert people to an issue, it can also be necessary to contact professional services to inspect the home for mold infestations and measure the spore count in the ambient air. If mold is detected then immediate remediation is required. However, even if a home is mold free, it can still be a wise idea to have the property evaluated for potential places where moisture seepage, especially in the basement, could lead to future issues.

Contacting AA Action Waterproofing today, for existing mold concerns, or simply to take preventive action with basement waterproofing, can allow for homeowners to relax in comfort, knowing that their familiarity with the home is not hiding a dangerous secret.

This entry was posted in Mold & Mildew on July, 06, 2015