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The Complex Process Of Foundation Repair

The Complex Process Of Foundation RepairLet’s say you’re given the choice between waterproofing your basement or simply making a few repairs and hoping everything goes smoothly in the next year. For the person who waterproofs their basement, they’ll put money towards the project, have a professional like us come in and take care of the entire project, and then they will have a lifetime guarantee for a beautiful and dry basement. The person who decides to make a few simple home repairs, though, is gambling with their home, their most valued possession.

The person who is taking the risk may find that they get through the next year without any issues. But more than likely, this is not the case. Even if there are no major flooding incidents, large rainfalls, or massive snow melts, small damage adds up to become bigger damage. Humidity accumulates, moisture can gather over time, pipes can leak unknowingly, and in the end these can all cause incredibly expensive damage—including to the foundation of your home.

When people hesitate because of the cost of basement waterproofing, we always recommend looking at the cost of foundation repair in comparison. It definitely will put things in perspective! Foundation repair is incredibly pricey and an intense process that is a pain for any homeowner to have to go through.

First, contractors must prep the area. This means removing plants from around the foundation and disconnect certain home utilities to prevent big messes during the repair. Once this is done, it’s time to dig. The foundation repair contractor will dig holes around the perimeter of your foundation or even directly underneath your home, depending on the damage. This is not an easy process and will not be done in simply a day! It may also involve the contractor peeling back carpet on top of the foundation and breaking out certain sections of your concrete slab foundation.

It’s then time to lift the foundation. This is the step we usually think of when we imagine foundation repair: concrete or steel piers stacked underneath the foundation. Hydraulic jacks are used to elevate the foundation, and then your house is nestled on top of these piers to stabilize it. Once this is done, the contractor will cover the holes that were previously made with soil, and while every home is different, the repairing process of pouring concrete, prepping piers, and beams structures can be quite time-intensive. Then, once the repairs are actually all complete, it’s then time for the cleanup phase. This involves removing tarps and debris and replanting the plants that were removed in the first step.

Foundation repair is not an enjoyable process for any homeowner, and it’s certainly not a cheap one. If you’re debating between getting your basement waterproofed and protecting your home from damage or simply waiting another year, consider the costs and inconveniences that come with foundation repair first. AA Action Waterproofing can actually provide you with a free quote. Call today! 877-344-9654

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on May, 24, 2016