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Mold & Mildew

The Dangers Of Living With Mold

The Dangers Of Living With MoldLiving in a home with mold can have a rather disastrous impact on the health of everyone who lives there. This is due to mold’s ability to produce allergens, irritants, and even toxins right into your home on a daily basis. The symptoms you can expect from mold exposure can vary from allergies to infections. However, the most common symptoms you will see include: Continue reading →

It’s Not The Heat, It’s The Humidity

It’s Not The Heat, It’s The HumidityOutside of deserts and a few perfect climates scattered around the globe, humidity is always a factor when it comes to summer heat. However, it hits some places harder than others. The American South, for instance, regularly deals with heat and humidity that makes it hard to do much more than sit on the porch drinking an ice-cold beverage. That, or stay inside with the air conditioner on at full blast. Continue reading →

4 Common Indoor Air Pollutants

4 Common Indoor Air PollutantsLet’s be clear here: indoor air pollution isn’t as big of an issue as outdoor air pollutants like smog, car exhaust, and factory smoke. Anyone who says differently is probably selling an air purifier, or they’re referring to uncommon problems like asbestos and lead paint dust. However, some common indoor air pollutants can cause problems over the long term, triggering or even causing allergies and asthma, and part of keeping your house clean means keeping these pollutants under control. Continue reading →

3 Places To Look For Mold

3 Places To Look For MoldMold spores are everywhere. They may vary in species and density, but there are few places on Earth where you can escape them completely. Fortunately, they’re also mostly harmless, but if you aren’t careful you’ll produce just the right conditions to cause a population explosion. It doesn’t take much: moderately warm temperatures, some moisture, a porous surface to cling to, and some food, which doesn’t have to be anything more than the dust that settles out of the air. Continue reading →

Summer Is The Season Of Mold

Summer Is The Season Of MoldWith summer here, thoughts turn to good weather, long, sunny days, another school year finished, and, of course, a chance to take a nice vacation somewhere. But along with all the good of summer, there’s a little bad as well. Continue reading →

How Does Mold Actually Affect Your Health?

How Does Mold Actually Affect Your Health?When mold is discovered in your home or some other building, the responsible thing to do is to start a comprehensive, systematic program to eliminate the infestation. Then, it’s time to take preventive measures to ensure the mold doesn’t grow again. The reason this is done is for the health of the people in the buildings. But what happens when mold infests a building? How does it actually make you feel sick? Continue reading →

Mold After A Basement Flooding

Mold After A Basement FloodingAfter a flooded basement, it is vital that you check your basement for and prevent mold and fungus growth. Not only does mold cause some health issues for you and your family, but once it is in your home, it can easily get out of hand and difficult to get rid of. Continue reading →