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Taller Home? Better Be Careful Of Foundation Repair Issues

Taller Home? Better Be Careful Of Foundation Repair IssuesThere’s no other part of your house that’s quite as important to its overall well-being as its foundation. Even if you aren’t very knowledgeable about construction or anything of the kind, you know that this makes intuitive sense.

After all, we always talk about laying the foundation of something as not only an important first step, but an action on which the success of everything else will depend in the future. That’s very true when it comes to your home.

Generally speaking, a house weighs thousands of pounds. However, no matter how much the house actually weighs, the foundation bears the burden for many years to come. Of course, the foundation does settle over time and is exposed to wear.

However, if given appropriate attention, most home foundations will remain solid as a rock throughout the functional life of the home. That said, there are factors that can be serious.

If your home is very tall, such as a two- or three-story structure, then your foundation is under greater stress. The issue with this is not so much the additional weight that’s added to the home by other construction, but whether or not the weight is evenly distributed.

The whole permitting and inspection process for new home additions is based upon the idea that safety and security will prevail if several people get together to review plans and check the final work. That’s usually true, but things can still slip by.

If your home is even slightly unbalanced in the higher floors, then it could put additional pressure on your foundation which can worsen the incidental damage that usually takes place over time.

That can make it more likely that your home will ultimately be susceptible to flooding, especially if it is also being undermined by the presence of groundwater that is not draining properly away from the foundation.

Before the spring thaw comes around, it’s a good idea to have qualified professionals take a close look not only at your foundation, but at the potential drainage issues that could be taking place around the home.

Although solving a drainage problem can take a bit more work than other kinds of flooding issues, it is worth it because it provides a long-term solution to what could otherwise be a serious problem.

To find out more, call or email AA Action Waterproofing today. We’re always glad to answer your questions, and are available 24 hours a day if you ever have a basement flood emergency.

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on January, 28, 2015