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Steps You Can Take Right Now To Keep Your Basement Safe In A Flood

Steps You Can Take Right Now To Keep Your Basement Safe In A FloodRight now, your basement is dry and safe. However, it could become flooded at any point in the future. Floods happen very suddenly and they can be serious, requiring nearly immediate help.

How can you make sure that, if the worst happens, your basement won’t be a danger zone?

When a flood starts, you could have as little as just ten minutes to remove items that could be damaged or dangerous during the flood crisis. The best thing that you can do instead is make sure that your basement prevents minimal risk to health and safety even during a flood.

What actions should you take?

  1. Make Sure You Can Turn Off The Power From Outside The BasementStopping the flow of electricity to the basement is absolutely crucial in a flood. The risk of an electric shock is the top risk that you will face if your basement floods. It is impossible to get inside and work on a basement if there is risk of fatal injury.
  2. Set Your Light Fixtures High Up And Beware Of ToxinsIn place of desk lights or standing lamps, make sure that your light fixtures are set high up in the room. Recessed lighting in the ceiling is the safest in this situation. This way, you may still be able to use the lights during a flood. Beware of bulbs that include mercury and other hazards.
  3. Do Not Keep Sensitive Papers Or Valuables In The Basement

    If you do decide to store items in the basement, make sure that you are using a small, portable, fireproof safe that you can remove by hand within the first few minutes of a flood. You should generally avoid storing cash and important personal papers in the basement.
  4. Do Not Store Foodstuffs In The BasementWhile many people do keep a cooler in the basement, this should be the extent of it. In a serious flood, foodstuffs that aren’t removed will contribute to the spread of mold. Mold is a serious issue that has to be dealt with through remediation as soon as the basement is dry.

The number one tip? Call AA Action Waterproofing today so that you never have to worry about the possibility of a basement flood. We will completely waterproof your basement so it stands strong and dry throughout the year, even during the flood risk months of later winter, spring, and early summer.

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on January, 27, 2015