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Effective Steps For Avoiding Basement Mold

Avoiding Basement MoldWhether a basement is prone to flooding or excessive water, or simply an environment prone to damp air, mold is an unfortunate reality. Not only can this mold damage the property you keep in your basement and your home, it can also contribute to worsened allergies or illnesses, making it very important to keep your basement and your home mold free. Once mold begins to grow, it can be difficult to eliminate it on your own, so preparing to take on mold before it starts to grow is always recommended. Here are things you need to know when it comes to avoiding basement mold.

Mold is a type of fungus that loves a moist area, and it can grow on any type of surface. The walls, floor, ceiling, and property kept in a basement can all be new homes for mold to grow upon, and the best way to avoid this mold growth is by taking control of the moisture that may be present. Mold requires moisture to grow, and without this moisture, mold may not be able to take over your home, your health, and your belongings.

Water leaks are a big contributor to mold growth, and it is important for home owners to regularly inspect and investigate their basement areas for any places in which water could be leaking in to the structure. If a water leak is found, the calling of a professional service is always recommended to ensure the issue is remedied properly to avoid future mold growth. Due to any leak, if water is found to be standing in an area, or your carpeting or property is found to be wet, a thorough clean-up should be performed within 48 hours of the discovery. By thoroughly cleaning and drying any property which may have come into contact with the moisture you can avoid mold growth in areas of a basement or on your belongings, thereby saving yourself from mold exposure and potential property damage.

Mold can begin to grow due to the dampness in the air, and damp air is often found in many basement areas. If the air in your basement is found to be damp, opening any doors or windows regularly can help to circulate airflow and keep surfaces dry, or if there are no doors or windows to open, installing exhaust fans or a dehumidifier can work to help avoid mold growth as well.

We at AA Action Waterproofing know how serious mold can be once it begins to call a basement home, and we can help you to make sure your basement is and remains mold-free. If you suspect mold growth in your home, or you would like to avoid mold growth before it occurs, call us today and see how we can help!

This entry was posted in Mold & Mildew on April, 16, 2014