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Most Common Causes Of Leaky Basements

If you’ve found your basement has suddenly sprung a leak, you may be wondering what happened. A quick inspection may help you find the source of the leak, though if you have a basement moisture problem it is always best to have a professional take a look. Here are the most common causes of basement leaks and what needs to be done to fix them.

Plumbing Issues

The first cause of a basement leak actually comes from the interior of your house. If your home is older, you may have developed a plumbing leak. Seals, pipes, and even bathroom and kitchen fixtures can wear out and cause a leak to flood into your basement. If this happens you will need to talk to a plumber to have the leak repaired. You will also need to get an inspection to make sure that the leak hasn’t led to other issues like mold, mildew, or any structural damage.

Broken Or Damaged Windows

Windows can cause leaks if they are broken or damaged. Leaks can come through damaged seal, cracked or rotting wood, or from broken glass panes. If your window has a leak there will be moisture around the area and you may see condensation on the window itself. If you have a leak because of broken or damaged window, you will need to have the window replaced. Then you will also need to have the area inspected to make sure that the leak didn’t cause any long-term structural damage to the wall.

Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks happen as a result of the immense pressure around the foundation of your home. Between the soil, plant roots, and hydrostatic pressure, your foundation walls may start to crack against the pressure. If you have a leak because of a foundation crack, you need to call a waterproofing expert immediately. Foundation cracks may seem harmless but may be a sign of a much more dangerous problem that could lead to your foundation becoming completely unstable.

Basement leaks can lead to much larger problems. You can develop mold and mildew, invite pests, and even permanently damage your foundation. So if you’ve noticed any leaks in your basement, you should have the experts at AA Action Waterproofers inspect your property for the cause of leaks. Our certified professionals have the knowledge and experience to identify the cause of any leak in your Maryland home. So call us today for a free consultation to see how we can help you!

This entry was posted in Structural Damage on October, 15, 2016