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Your Basement: A Great Place To Store Food

Your Basement: A Great Place To Store FoodIf you are an avid vegetable gardener or you have a large family, you may need extra food storage. A great place to store extra food is in your basement. However, in order to store food in your basement, you need to ensure your basement is fully waterproofed. A dry basement helps prevent food spoilage and can save you money.

Frozen Foods

A lot of families like to keep a freezer in the basement for food storage. An extra freezer is also great for gardeners, hunters, and large families to store food that can spoil easily. In order to keep a freezer in your basement, waterproofing is crucial. Waterproofing keeps your freezer alive because water can rust and rot the compressor. It also prevents mold and mildew from growing around the freezer seams which can get mold spores on your food and cause health problems.


It’s a great idea to store pantry items in the basement. It lets you take advantage of sales and lower prices by buying your food in bulk. Most pantry items have a long shelf life so having a large area to store them is ideal. In order to keep a basement pantry though your basement must be dry to preserve the food. Waterproofing helps keep your basement environment ideal for storing dry goods. It also helps by keeping out pests like bugs and rodents that will eat the food in your pantry as well as keeping mold and mildew from infecting your food.

Root Cellar

Avid vegetable gardeners can take advantage of the basement to create a root cellar. A root cellar is a great place to store root vegetables, winter squash, and any other fruits and vegetables that have a long shelf life. Your basement can also be a great place to dry and cure grains, legumes, and herbs. Since root cellars are often designed to help preserve food, the most important quality in a root cellar is to keep it dry to prevent any rotting on the stored produce.

If you’d like to take advantage of your basement to store food, you must have it waterproofed to protect the security and integrity of your food. Luckily the certified professionals at AA Action Waterproofing can help. They can ensure your basement is dry, mold and pest free, and a safe, healthy place for food storage.

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on April, 05, 2016