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Bad Landscaping Can Cause Problems For Your Home

Bad Landscaping Can Cause Problems For Your HomeA beautiful home comes with great landscaping. Before you choose how you will landscape your yard, you should consider how landscaping can impact the structural integrity of your home. Poor landscaping choices can cause severe damage and cost you a lot of money. There are several ways landscaping can impact your home, here are a few to keep in mind.


Trees can cause severe damage if planted too close the basement walls. Trees have large underground root systems that can growth against your foundation causing immense pressure. That pressure can lead to foundation cracking and can even collapse the whole wall. When planting a tree in your yard consider the size of the root structure. Make sure you plant the tree far enough away that the roots don’t reach your basement walls.

Landscape Grading

It is tempting to design your landscape grading based on visual appeal. However you want to make sure that your landscape always slopes away from the home. Also if you are planting a bed next to the wall of your home, you want to first line with waterproof fabric or drain tiles to make sure that the water doesn’t build under the bed and against your home.

Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems can be a great modern convenience. They help keep your grass green and your plants flourishing by making sure your lawn is always watered. However, sprinkler systems can cause a lot of water damage if installed incorrectly. Sprinklers can increase hydrostatic pressure which undermines the structural integrity of your walls. They can also be a source of underground leaks. If the heads are set incorrectly they can even directly spray your house. If you want to install a sprinkler system, make sure your sprinklers are installed by an expert and put on a timing system that will prevent overwatering. Also make sure you turn your sprinklers off during periods of rain. These simple steps can keep your sprinkler system from causing damage to your home.

When designing your landscaping, it is important to plan with your home in mind. Bad landscaping choices can lead to water damage and the destruction of the structural integrity of your home. If you experience any problems from your landscaping or are not sure if your landscaping is harming your home, the experts at AA Action waterproofing can help. Our licensed contractors can assess your landscape, inspect your home for damage, and provide solutions to make sure your home is safe.

This entry was posted in Structural Damage, Water Damage on April, 06, 2016