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You Have Options When Fixing Your Foundation

You Have Options When Fixing Your FoundationThe foundation literally holds up your world. Like Atlas, it does this forever and thanklessly. But over time the foundation can crack, lean, bend, bow or even break. There is a wide variety of fixes available, which is good to know if you are in the market for some foundation repair. Each solution to your foundation’s problems comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. But some of these repairs can last a lifetime.

One of the quickest repairs available is epoxy. This super-strong stuff can be injected into cracks that are a quarter-inch thick. It can also mend stair-step cracks; cracks that zigzag through the material resembling stairs. This epoxy will keep out the water for a long while, but it is not a permanent fix for anything. Cracking foundation is a symptom of something much more serious.

Water is always the suspect. It is the only thing that can infiltrate the foundation and crack it from the inside. Water can lead to some serious foundation conditions, such as bowing. These problems can be fixed but it requires major construction projects to do so.

Wooden and steel beams can be installed. These beams go from the very floor of the basement and attach to joists on the roof of the basement. These supports will fix a leaning or bowed. However, these things can get in the way quite a bit. You can forget about that finished basement at this point. They are also costly, coming in at about $700 per support. The math adds up quickly.

The cosmetic option lets you keep that finished basement. It also fixes the bending foundation while being invisible. It involves a lot of high-grade epoxy and mesh. The epoxy is laid over wire mesh and the mesh runs up the wall of the foundation. The mesh is strong enough to support the wall like an exoskeleton. This will actually right the foundation and the mesh can be covered with insulation and drywall.

Professionals can also take care of a weary foundation from the outside. Digging down the wall of your foundation, they implant giant bolts and plates with horizontal supports extending into the ground. These are placed every six to eight feet, and will correct a foundation like braces on teeth.

These are just a few options when it comes to fixing your foundation. They range in cost, aesthetics and longevity. But, in the end, your home is worth the investment.

This entry was posted in Structural Damage on November, 15, 2013