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Prevent Basement Flooding This Spring

Prevent Basement Flooding This SpringFlooded basements are no good. Not only is it dangerous when it comes to exposed electrical connections, but it ruins everything you keep down in the basement. The fallout from a flood continues up into your home. The wooden frame of the house now sits on top of a swamp. Mold and bacteria need that swampy atmosphere to thrive, so you may have a frame full of mold, rot and bacteria. Water can literally bring your whole house down. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to prevent basement flooding.

You might not pay attention to the gutters and drainage from your roof when you think of water in the basement, but some drainage pipes will pool water right into the foundation. This can seep into the basement and cause a flood. The goal is to push the water three feet from the house, and extenders can help do this.

Check for Cracks
Take a stroll around your house and inside your basement. If you see any visible cracks, even tiny ones, epoxy can help. Water from the ground can actually press on the walls of the foundation and push its way in. Just a little bit of water can cause a humid environment, promoting mold and bacteria. Plus, given enough time, eventually a little bit of water turns into a big pool of trouble.

Invest In A Sump Pump
It may be a good idea to check your below-grade sump pump. If you don’t have a sump pump, then you might want to invest in one before the winter thaws. A sump pump is a pre-installed pump that evacuates water from your basement on command. The sump pump will work better if it is clean and free of debris.

Check The Security of Your Septic System
Septic tanks and sewers can accelerate floods. Extended periods of rain, sleet, and snow during the winter can back these systems up, pushing water toward your home. You can call a professional to clean out the septic tank. This may save you from a nightmare scenario down the line.

Invest In Waterproof Window Covers
Windows are a weak spot that can let massive amounts of water into the home, especially in a deluge. There are basement window covers available that connect firmly to the foundation of your home. The connection and solid frame of these covers makes it much less likely to let water through. They don’t look half bad either.

This entry was posted in Water Damage on November, 13, 2013