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Wondering About The Health Of Your Foundation? Check Your Terrain

Wondering About The Health Of Your Foundation? Check Your TerrainIt’s a good idea for homeowners to be aware of the potential risks that they face if their home’s foundation is exposed to damage. Most people don’t think about this very much until it is too late.

Foundations can age very quickly, yet you may not be aware of the subtle signs of damage that can percolate up to the higher regions of the house. In many cases, some excavation work needs to be done so that major cracks can be repaired and waterproofed.

However, some foundations are still young and spry, and they can be protected from major issues indefinitely if the right action is taken early on. If you’re wondering whether or not your foundations are safe and secure, look at the terrain around your house.

Your terrain influences whether or not water, whether groundwater or rainwater, can fully and naturally flow away from your foundation. Luckily, you can spot some of the major dangers yourself just by giving a quick survey around the area.

For example:

Check whether the grading of your lawn and the surrounding area causes turf to slope up toward your home or away from it. If the terrain is graded in such a way that it slopes toward your home, then groundwater may get stuck and gradually eat away at your foundation.

Secondly, head up to the roof of your home and make sure that all of your gutters and drainage pipes are in proper working order. It may be a good idea to consider widening some of these, and it is always crucial to make sure that they are not blocked by leaves or other debris.

Consider Re-Grading Your Property To Help Groundwater Flow Naturally

While it’s easy to overlook these issues, they tend to worsen the situation of your foundation over time. What do you do if you find out that you are risking serious groundwater damage?

Water flows naturally according to the turf around it thanks to the power of gravity. It’s always best to let nature do the hard work for you whenever it’s possible to do so.

That being the case, solving the problem could be a matter of adding just a few inches of soil in the right spot or digging a modest trench or well. It’s rarely necessary to do major landscaping or renovation.

AA Action Waterproofing Can Repair Your Foundation To Better Than New

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This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on February, 09, 2015