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Why You Need To Waterproof Your Basement Even If You Don’t See Water Damage

Why You Need To Waterproof Your Basement Even If You Don't See Water DamageMaryland weather can be unpredictable. Not only does the state receive an average of 41 inches of rainfall each year, but the cold winters can bring in heavy snows and deep freezes, which in turn can trigger heavy thaws that contribute even further to the water saturating the ground. One look at the storms already raging through the Eastern US throughout early July of 2014 and it’s apparent that summer rains are no better.

Your home is supposed to be your shelter against the elements, and if it’s built properly then you probably have little to worry about. Leaks are usually obvious, and even a leaking basement is something you will likely notice easily.

However, here at AA Action Waterproofing we want you to know that you shouldn’t wait until you see water pouring through your foundation to get help. Waterproofing your basement before a problem appears is something well worth doing, for several reasons.

Here are the big ones you should remember:

• It Prevents Extra Expenses – To put it plainly, it costs more to repair damaged foundations and clean up flooded basements than it does to prevent the problems outright through waterproofing measures. In other words, you’ll save a lot of money in the long run.

• It Avoids Mold – Once mold growth begins it will be difficult to control. Mold remediation could mean that your family has to move out for a few days, could cost thousands, and could cause other hassles as well. It’s a better idea to simply prevent mold growth from occurring by waterproofing ahead of time.

• Problems May Exist Anyway – Just because you don’t see foundation damage or notice water flowing into the basement during a rain doesn’t mean that a problem isn’t there. Sometimes the leaks are harder to see than you might think, and as a result you’ll want to take steps to prevent issues before they start.

Simply put, investing in some basic waterproofing is an important way to reduce your overall expenses, protect your home, and safeguard your family against potential health risks. The process isn’t as complex as you may think, and whether you have a full basement or a crawlspace you’ll want to pay attention to what it can do for your home.

If you’re ready to protect your home and your family, we’re ready to help. Contact us at AA Action Waterproofing to learn more about what we can do for you and your home.

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing, Water Damage on August, 08, 2014