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A Closer Look At Four Of The Methods Used In Basement Waterproofing

A Closer Look At Four Of The Methods Used In Basement WaterproofingMaryland residents can experience some incredibly wet weather. Each year, average rainfall is between 35 and 45 inches, and plenty of months see much more than just 4 inches of rain. That’s why protecting your home from the elements is so important. However, too many people look at their home’s roofs and nothing else. The reality is that sometimes, rainfall doesn’t just come in from above. It may come from below – in your basement.

Leaking basements can be a very serious problem in homes around the state. Left unchecked, they can lead to damaged foundations, structural issues, mold growth, damaged property, and much more. The best way to go about protecting your home from these problems is to trust AA Action Waterproofing for your basement waterproofing needs.

There are numerous methods we may utilize to waterproof a home, and understanding some of the most common ones is a great idea that will help you understand what to expect.

Here are some of the methods that may be used:

• Foundation Repair – Many times, tiny cracks in the foundation are the source of the leaks, and identifying where these cracks are and making the necessary foundation repairs will make it much easier to overcome the problem. Foundation repair could be minor, or it could be very involved, but if your home is leaking then it will be an unavoidable must that you can’t ignore.

• Drainage Solutions – Sometimes, the way that the property around your home drains is an issue. While we don’t offer grading services, we can help with certain drainage solutions that could make a difference in the way that your home’s basement experiences moisture.

• Wall Coating Or Sealant – This is generally the key to waterproofing a home effectively. Some steps use spray-on sealants while others use different kinds of wall coatings such as panels or membranes. The specific one used on your home will depend on numerous things, but the principle will be the same no matter what.

• Sump Pumps –  A sump pump can pump out water that does find its way into the basement area, and installing one of them is a good idea for many homeowners who struggle with water problems in their basement or crawlspace.

Any of these solutions could be the key to getting the kind of results you need to keep your home’s basement dry throughout the year, and we may use one or all of them depending on the situation. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing, Water Damage on August, 11, 2014