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When Was The Last Time Your Property Was Checked?

When Was The Last Time Your Property Was Checked For Foundation Repair Needs?Throughout Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland, and the Carolinas, some of the most beautiful and sought after properties are also the oldest. Some truly great work has gone into restoring these buildings to their earlier magnificence, making them terrific homes or places of business.

However, it is always important to know a thing or two about the structural integrity of any building when you are moving into it. In some cases, buyers have had the chance to do a complete foundation inspection before making the final move.

But what do you do if you’re living somewhere and not quite sure about its foundation?

Most Older Structures Don’t Have Any Records Pertaining To Their Last Foundation Check

Many of the properties in our region were built back in the 1950s or even earlier. Back in those days, records were not always kept as scrupulously as they are today. And of course, it was not possible to commit records to a digital format that would be long-lasting.

A realtor, appraiser, or property attorney in your area might be able to tell you a bit about the repair history of a home, but there’s one rule of thumb: If you’re not quite sure about the last time a foundation has been looked at, it’s time to look again.

Foundation Damage Can Render Your Building Uninhabitable In Just A Short Time

Foundation damage happens over time, but it can take buildings a very long time to show significant signs of damage. However, there is one thing that can significantly accelerate the timeline: Flooding.

When it comes to older structures, each hour of serious flooding that isn’t remediated can add a year to the age of your foundation. This creates cracks and warping that should be repaired as soon as possible.

Let AA Action Waterproofing Help You Evaluate And Fix Foundation Damage

Foundation damage can be difficult to notice — in fact, the signs of damage can be very sneaky up until the very moment that a structure passes the tipping point and is truly in a construction crisis.

With 27 years of experience, we have learned all of the subtle signs that can mean a foundation is in need of repair — including signs that can come from doors, windows, and walls far from the basement area.

If you want to be confident that your older structure has a foundation that can stand the test of time, don’t “hope for the best” based on incomplete records of the past. Call or email AA Action Waterproofing and let us provide an estimate for your job at zero obligation.

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on December, 24, 2014