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What Can You Do To Waterproof My Home?

What Can You Do To Waterproof My Home?One question we’re asked often is simply “What can you do to waterproof my home?” Homeowners know that they want a waterproofed and safe protected home, but they’re not completely sure the steps we take in getting there. At AA Action Waterproofing, it’s important to remember that we take a customized approach to every home we waterproof, so the steps will be different depending on the home in question, but there are a number of solutions we might apply to your home in particular.

If we find that cracks in your foundation or basement floor are the culprits allowing water in, we may work to repair these cracks using concrete fillers to seal in the cracks from moisture’s creeping in. There are all types of factors that may lead to these cracks in your foundation or floor, from age to repeat freezing and thawing, and this is a common place for water to find its way in.

We may also find that your property is causing your leaking or flooding, and in these instances, we may work to build a way to draw water away from your home. If your property frequently sees pooling and puddling in various areas, this is a clue that the ground is not whisking away water as it should, and the soil around your basement is becoming oversaturated. By building ways for water to flow away from your home, you’ll be keeping the soil and your basement dry.

We may also use special wall coatings and sealants to keep water from seeping into your basement as well, and this is a common solution when water is seeping in through the walls or through the flooring with or without visible cracks. In many instances, the walls or flooring allow the water to seep in, but these solutions can keep your walls and flooring sealed and water-tight.

While these are just a few of the many solutions we use, they are some of the most common. To determine what methods will be used in your home, a consultation will be necessary, and we’re here to provide a consultation whenever you’re ready at AA Action Waterproofing! To schedule a meeting to see what can be done to waterproof your home, simply call us at AA Action Waterproofing today!

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on January, 22, 2016