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What Are French Drains?

What Are French Drains?Have you ever heard of a French drain? If not, maybe you’ve heard of a weeping tile, perimeter drain, land drain, or French ditch. These are all one in the same, referring to a particular type of draining system installed in yards. French drains rely on gravity and a slope to operate, which can be created when the system is installed on the property. If your home has an area around it that sometimes becomes saturated with water, you might want to consider this method to help keep your home dry.

The same way that gutters act as a channel for water to flow down and away from your home, French drains take water away from a part of your yard and whisk it away to a different area like a dry well or even the street.

In general French drains are installed after a house is already built. Many look into this option after finding their basement has flooded, but it’s really not for every home. A professional can let you know what the best plan of action is to waterproof your home, and a French drain is a great choice if you have an issue with surface water in your driveway or lawn and/or if your home is situated on a hillside.

The drainage system has two parts: the drain field and drain exit. The drain field is where water enters the device and the exit is where it leaves. For a French drain to work properly, there must be a slope present with the drain field located higher than the drain exit. Then it’s simply gravity that does all the work.

It’s a simple solution that can work like a charm, but homeowners do sometimes run into issues of the drain getting clogged. Sediment can pass through and eventually build up, causing severe flooding issues, so we recommend regular cleanouts to allow for inspection with a camera snake. Additionally, if the mechanism isn’t installed properly on your property, it simply won’t do the job it was made to do, leaving you with just as many puddles of water as before. If you’re considering French drains as an easy solution to your water issue, know that a professional like AA Action Waterproofing can get it done efficiently. For more information about how we can help you waterproof your home and prevent water from damaging your house and its foundation, call us today at 888-922-5517 for a free quote.

This entry was posted in Structural Damage on June, 20, 2016