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Why Basements Leak During Summer Months

Why Basements Leak During Summer MonthsSummertime might be for easy living, but it also brings on some of its own issues, too. Just like winter months pose certain problems for your home and your basement in particular, summer can be challenging in different ways. If you’re wondering how in the world water is making its way into your basement, you might be able to blame it on the weather.


Maryland summers are notoriously wet, with a rainstorm or shower happening about every five days. This can sometimes be enough time to spread out water absorption in the soil, but the ground can become saturated under the right conditions. This then leads to water making its way into places it shouldn’t be, like into your foundation and your home.

Keep your eye on your basement after rainstorms. Water exposure doesn’t necessarily have to happen with some big, dramatic basement flood; instead, it can be small amounts of water pooling up without you even seeing. If you regularly walk through the basement and make sure everything is dry, then you’re much less likely to get caught by a nasty surprise.


Humidity is definitely harder to pinpoint. We often can sense that the air is damp and moist, but we don’t think about the fact that it’s literally water in the air which can find a way into the basement. Summer months can sometimes bring days filled with 90% humidity, so if you happen to notice condensation forming in parts of your basement, consider getting a dehumidifier to deal with the excess moisture.

Open Windows

That’s right, water might be making its way into your home because you’ve invited it in! Opening windows is an inherently harmless act, but this means that water from storms, the outside humidity, and even splashes from your sprinkles can sneak their way into the basement. Basements are naturally cool places, so consider if you really need to open the windows at all. If you do, try to run fans to keep the space as dry as possible.

If you’re worried about summertimes leaks and flooding in your basement, call AA Action Waterproofing to discuss options to keep it dry. We’ll give you a free quote, so call at 888-922-5517.

This entry was posted in Water Damage on June, 19, 2016