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Ways That You Can Help To Waterproof Your Basement

Ways That You Can Help To Waterproof Your BasementAt AA Action Waterproofing, our waterproofing services can help you to avoid a situation where you’re stuck with a flooded or simply wet basement, but you may not know that there are things that you can do around your home to help to keep your basement even more waterproof. Whether you’ve had your basement previously waterproofed by one of our professionals or not, there are several steps that you can take to ensure water is flowing away from, rather than into, your home.

If you’ve had your basement waterproofed, you’ll want to prolong the life of your job and your basement by taking proactive actions against water coming into your home. One simple thing that you can do to further waterproof your home is making sure your gutters are clear, which is particularly important during this part of the year. During the fall season, your gutters can become clogged very easily by falling leaves, and during the next storm, this could lead to a wet situation. When it comes to your gutters, you’ll want to check around once weekly to make sure that leaves aren’t damming up your gutters, and that your system allows water to run away from your home freely.

If your gutters are clear, and you’re still finding that water is seeping through after a rainstorm, your gutter may run into a slope which brings it back towards your structure. The end portion of the gutter, the end which allows water to flow out of your gutter system, should point to a top of a slope which goes downward and away from the home, rather than towards it. By allowing the end of the gutter to sit on top of a downward slope away from your home, you can effectively redirect the water from coming into your home.

When it comes to fixing foundation cracks or sump pump installations, these are jobs best left to the professionals. We at AA Action Waterproofing are experienced in these and all other forms of home waterproofing, and we look at each home as a unique structure so we can approach each waterproofing job as such. If you want to learn more about waterproofing, or you’d like to take care of a moisture problem before it begins, call us today at AA Action Waterproofing to get started.

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on November, 12, 2014