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How A Snowy Winter Can Lead To A Wet Basement

How A Snowy Winter Can Lead To A Wet BasementWinter is coming up quickly, and with it all of the long-range winter forecasts as meteorologists around the country get a more accurate glimpse of what this cold weather season may have in store. For many parts of the country, a snowy winter is expected, and this can lead to homeowners dealing with basement moisture during the most uncomfortable time of the year. When a basement floods in the winter, the clean-up process is typically even more harrowing and costly, and many homeowners don’t consider snow melt to be a basement hazard until it’s too late, so it’s always best to waterproof your basement before winter in order to avoid being in this type of situation.

When snow falls, it will eventually have to melt, and a heavy snowfall will typically freeze up the ground beneath it. Frozen ground is ground not accepting of soaking up excess water, and this will cause the melt to become runoff trying to find a place to call home. In these instances, the place the snowmelt calls home may be the same place that you call home, and this will lead you to finding yourself with a moist or flooded basement area.

If the ground isn’t frozen, and your area is experiencing a warming period, the ground can only soak up so much water before it becomes oversaturated, and this too can lead to basement flooding. In these scenarios, the ground can be looked at like a soaked sponge, and the excess water will try to find a new place to hide as room for it in the soil grows thin.

Basement waterproofing can help you to prepare your home for the winter season in a simple way as it can block the water from finding a place to settle in your home. At AA Action Waterproofing, we recommend having your basement waterproofed before the winter season in order to avoid the effects of snow on your structure, and we perform basement waterproofing on all types of homes.

If you’re worried about what the snow may do to your home, call us today to inquire about our basement waterproofing services!

This entry was posted in Water Damage on November, 14, 2014