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Waterproofing Your Window Well

Having windows in your basement can be great. They allow for natural sunlight and fresh air flow into the basement and can even serve as an emergency escape in times of trouble.

Of course when you have basement windows, you need to have window wells too. Well, unless you enjoy a close-up view of the dirt. With the help of the window well, you will have plenty of space to let in all of that light and air while having a sturdy barrier against the soil.

On the downside, this basement window and window well can end up letting the rainwater into your basement too. While a properly fitted window will provide enough of a seal against the water, the well often ends up letting the water fill up and puts pressure on the window itself.

Repairing or preventing a window well that fills with water is about two major components; the drain and the cover.

Window well drain – Every window well will need to have a drain in order to let the extra water exit out and away from your basement. These drains can be connected to your interior or exterior drain tile or can run down if there is a proper slope. With a properly constructed and maintained drain, you should never have an issue with it filling up with water.

Window well covers – The most important function of a cover is to keep the water and debris out of your drain. Anything from grass clippings to outdoor trash could find its way into your window well and clog your drain. With a good quality cover, you can easily keep the majority of the bad out and let in the sunshine.

Here at AAAction Waterproofing, we have been keeping water out of Maryland basements since 1987 and would love to help you with your window well and basement waterproofing needs.

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This entry was posted in Water Damage on October, 04, 2016