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Prevent Your Window Wells From Flooding Your Basement

prevent-your-window-wells-from-flooding-your-basementHave you heard of the term “window wells” before? If not, there’s still a chance that you’ve seen them before. These semi-circular dugouts surround a basement window, and they’re usually made from a solid barrier of some type. They serve many purposes, including acting as an emergency exit and also letting light into an otherwise dark space. Additionally, they’re often put in place to prevent water damage to basement windows that are at or below grade, keeping soil away from openings in the wall while still letting water drain away from the house. Sometimes, though, window wells are faulty and can then lead to damage to your home through flooding.

First, understand the components of your window well. A well-designed one will be sized to the particular window, bolted to the foundation wall, and will have a working drain that whisks water away. Without these basics, you might face flooding issues.

The main problem homeowners face with their window well is a lack of or a faulty drain. Unfortunately, some contractors like to cut corners and will construct a window well area but not install a drain. This is simply pointless! Instead of a window well that sends water out and away from the foundation of your home, you’ll end up with an aquarium.

It’s important to keep the window well clean, as sometimes twigs or other debris will build up down there. Perform regular maintenance to make sure the area is clear and water can drain without any issue. Even better, have a reliable contractor install custom window well covers that can promote drainage but keep out animals, leaves, and other unwanted items. It’s important to get something that is designed to fit your window well perfectly, so don’t just head on out to the home improvement store and think that will solve the problem. You’ll want a perfect fit, and the best way to do that is with a custom cover.

If you keep the drain in your window well working properly, you won’t have to worry about flooding caused from it. Instead you can rest assured and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a dry basement, safe home, and well-lit space. Learn more ways to keep your basement dry at AA Action Waterproofing.

This entry was posted in Water Damage on June, 22, 2016