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Does Waterproofing Paint Work?

If you’re on the lookout for solutions to a cracked or leaky basement wall, you may have come across something called waterproofing paint. You apply it just like regular paint, but once you’ve slathered on all the required layers, it’ll form a perfect barrier against water. But does it actually do what it says on the can?

Depends. Are you looking for a short-term fix, or a long-term solution?


Assuming you bought your waterproofing paint from a reputable company, it’ll do exactly what it says, at least if you apply it correctly. Mind you, this means scraping away any loose concrete or other debris, filling in the cracks with epoxy and other waterproof products, and then using a brush or a paint sprayer to make sure the paint gets in every nook and cranny. It also means applying several layers to ensure a truly waterproof barrier. You can also apply it to drywall if your basement is finished, but it’s still an involved process.

Taking this step will prevent any water seepage from getting into the basement itself, which has a few benefits. It stops mold from growing everywhere and filling your home with spore clouds, and it protects the things you keep in your basement from getting water damage.


Unfortunately, a layer of waterproof paint on the inside walls of your basement isn’t a long-term solution for several reasons. First of all, water shouldn’t be seeping in through the basement walls at all, and if it is then you need to stop what’s causing that problem at its source. Second, waterproof paint on the basement’s interior doesn’t stop water from getting into the concrete and wearing away at it, causing cracks to form and mold to spread out of control. This also applies to the wood and insulation trapped behind a layer of waterproof paint on drywall.

Because of these problems, you should never consider a layer of waterproof paint to be a permanent solution to your drywall problems. It can improve the situation for a year or two, long enough to save up for a better alternative, but in the meantime the walls themselves are getting worse and the paint will eventually crack under the slow but steady water pressure.

If you’re ready to look for a permanent fix for your basement’s water problem, and if you live in or near the state of Maryland, contact AA Action Waterproofing today for a free estimate. We’ve been waterproofing basements, crawlspaces, and foundations for three decades, and in all that time we’ve never seen a waterproofing problem without a solution.

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on August, 13, 2016