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So You Want To Buy A Home With A Leaky Basement?

So You Want To Buy A Home With A Leaky Basement?You’ve been searching for months—maybe years, even!—and you’ve found it: your dream home. It’s just as you imagined. It’s got the fence around a wide, open yard, you get a nice, roomy bedroom, and there’s plenty of space for the kids to play. But there’s just one tiny issue: the basement is leaking.

While no house is ever truly perfect, this can be a sign of some more serious issues. Before you sign any paperwork, you’ll want to thoroughly inspect the house multiple times. If you find that the only main problem with it is the leaky basement, then it’s time to take the next steps, but to take them in an informed way. Ask the seller about any underlying issues the could be causing the leaking, such as moisture seepage, poor drain systems, or cracks in the structure. This information should be fully disclosed to you, and it’s also worth hiring a qualified home inspector to deliver a full and thorough report about the home as well.

If none of this sways your opinion and you’re still set on buying the home, keep in mind the extra costs you’re facing. The worst thing you could do is buy the home and do nothing in terms of drying out the basement, repairing it, or waterproofing it. You’re simply asking for structural damage to your new home! So when you consider the cost of your home, also add on the cost to fix the basement and waterproof it so that you can prevent further damage in the future.

It’s also useful to understand why the basement is leaking so that you can take the proper plan of action as soon as possible. Water often will seep into your home in the weak spots in the foundation or through windows or wall cracks. Other issues may be leaky pipes seams between the floor and walls. Whatever the problem, source it so that you can make necessary repairs quickly.

With repairs out of the way, your next and last step is to waterproof your home. For a new home, this is an absolute must! A leaky basement can lead to severe (and expensive) foundation damage, other structural issues, and also rodents, pests, and unhealthy mold and mildew. With all the money you’ve just put into your new home, don’t throw it away by not thoroughly caring for it. AA Action Waterproofing can help—inquire about our services today!

This entry was posted in Structural Damage on May, 20, 2016