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Understanding The Deep Freeze And Your Basement Health

Understanding The Deep Freeze And Your Basement HealthA home is like a living entity in some ways, especially where its health is concerned. Having a home that’s in good health means being able to enjoy it to its fullest, and a lot of different repairs and maintenance steps need to be taken in order to keep your home in its prime.

A perfect example of this is your basement, and during the winter months it’s important that you give your basement the attention it needs. The deep freeze that most of the northeast goes through each year is enough to do significant damage, and understanding why is important.

  • Small cracks can develop in even the strongest concrete. Whether your basement or crawlspace walls are made from poured cement or cinder blocks, there is a chance that cracks will eventually develop.
  • Without proper waterproofing, those cracks can fill with water. Even though it’s just a minute amount of liquid, it still ends up finding its way into the gaps in the concrete. If it does this just before a freeze, the water will expand. This in turn will enlarge the gaps, making the situation worse.
  • Those newly enlarged cracks will now let in even more moisture, which in turn could freeze again and increase the size even further. This creates a vicious cycle that can really damage your home’s foundation walls.
  • Now add in the big thaw that comes after the freeze. During this time, moisture in the ground that has been frozen will begin to thaw, saturating the ground with water. A tremendous amount of this water could end up finding its way into your home’s basement through the cracks created by the freeze.

Obviously this is an issue. In particular, it’s dangerous because once that the foundation is damaged and water is finding its way into the home it can quickly lead to major issues ranging from mold growth to damaged structural wood and beyond. Catching the problems early on and preventing them is the key.

That prevention lets you avoid the more expensive costs of repairs and also protects your family from things like mold growth. As the temperatures drop, it’s important to get ahead of your home’s foundation issues and be sure that you’re protecting it from potential problems.

Our team at AA Action Waterproofing can help. We can provide an assessment of your home’s foundation walls and basement and then tell you the best possible solutions, making sure that you get the results you need. Contact us today to learn more.

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair, Structural Damage on February, 27, 2016