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This Winter Is The Best Winter To Waterproof

This Winter Is The Best Winter To WaterproofIn truth, any winter is the best winter to waterproof, but do to the El Nino season we’re experiencing in Maryland this winter, you may find that choosing this winter is a great opportunity. El Nino winters are known to be incredibly mild in the mid-Atlantic and east coast, and with the lesser snow and higher temperatures we’re due to experience in the Maryland region this winter, you may find that you’re able to luck out by choosing this year to be the year to make the waterproofing investment in your home.

Harsh winters, like the Polar Vortex winter we experienced a couple of years ago, will really do a number on your foundation. The deep freezing of the soil that occurs during these rough winters will shift the soil and place excess pressure on the concrete of your foundation, causing it to buckle and crack as the soil naturally freezes and thaws. These cracks will provide places for moisture to go, and if you already have small cracks, you can expect them to get bigger with this sort of pressure.

With a winter like the mild winter we’re experiencing in Maryland right now, the soil isn’t going through the same deep freezes it was a few years ago. What this does is gives you an opportunity to have these small cracks fixed and sealed before they’re given the chance to grow under the extreme pressure a rough winter may put them through.

Additionally, because we’re less likely to experience the types of snows we’ve seen in previous years during an El Nino year, we’re less likely to see the big melts that come along with these snowfalls. By choosing a less snowy winter to have your home waterproofed in, you can feel confident that you’re not risking leaks in your home as you prepare your home for snowier and wetter seasons in the future.

If you decide to take advantage of the mild winter we’re having by having your home waterproofed to prepare for the spring, summer, fall, and next year’s winter season, we at AA Action Waterproofing are here to help. To see what we can do for your basement this winter, call us at AA Action Waterproofing today!

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on January, 29, 2016