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How Does Mold Grow Indoors?

How Does Mold Grow Indoors?It’s important to remember that mold exists just about everywhere. Mold spores are found naturally in the air in pretty small amounts, and this makes it simple to understand how mold winds up indoors. Even if you have never had a basement leak or flood, this doesn’t mean you can’t eventually find mold growing in your space, and it helps to learn how indoor mold spreads and how to stop it.

When the right conditions are present, and you have cellulose material, moisture, and a comfortable room temperature, you’re giving mold all it needs to land, grow, and spread. The mold spores in the air find a food source, and land on this source feeding from it. Cellulose is an organic compound found in just about everything, so anything from walls to clothing to furniture can serve as your mold’s next meal. As the mold lands and feeds, it begins to grow filaments almost like roots as it spreads on to the space, while also releasing its own spores in greater concentration into the air. These spores, with the right conditions still present, will find their own food sources and begin to spread as well. It’s important to note that it only takes 24 to 48 hours for mold to begin to really spread.

When the mold is removed, you’ll also need to remove the perfect conditions for it to come back. Because small bits of mold spores are always present in the air, you’re always at risk of it coming back, unless you remove its food, its moisture, or its warmth. We can help to protect your home from mold regrowth, and this can be done using waterproofing methods or even special paints to keep mold from finding its next food source on your walls.

Mold can grow indoors quickly and dramatically, and when you find it in your home, you’ll need to have it professionally removed. Our mold remediation services are perfect for eradicating all types of mold, and if you suspect mold in your home, call us at AA Action Waterproofing today to learn how to get rid of it!

This entry was posted in Mold & Mildew, Mold Remediation on January, 30, 2016