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Things Homeowners Should Know About Foundation Repair

Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Foundation RepairAre you thinking about getting your foundations inspected or repaired?

It’s a good idea to have the pros look over your foundation every few years to make sure that it remains strong. Small cracks should be sealed up before they can grow into bigger problems that might make flooding worse.

Before choosing any company to help you with foundation repair, there are a few things that you should know. Let’s talk about some of the basic “ins and outs” about foundation repair for any homeowner to know:

  1. Good Foundation Repair Saves You Money In The Long RunEven moderate foundation issues can cause damage all throughout your home. Wall rotation and other problems might leave you with gaping cracks around your doors and molding, for example. That being the case, you’re likely to save money over the costs of more serious repairs by having foundation repair done on a preventive basis.
  2. Bad Foundation Repair Can Make Things WorseIt’s always important to be confident of a company’s experience and credentials before you use them around the home, but it’s especially vital when it comes to foundation repair. If repairs to your foundation are done poorly, they can actually lead to worsening of existing cracks or the creation of new cracks and damage.
  3. Foundation Repair Should Always Follow Any FloodIf your basement has been flooded, you should have the experts examine your foundation just as soon as your basement is back in working order. There’s a symbiotic relationship between your basement and foundation, and damage to one can often cause damage to the other. You may not even be aware of the extent of the issue until another flood strikes!
  4. Foundation Repair Should Be Done Under Good ConditionsRepairing a foundation often means digging around it so that damaged areas can be accessed. This being the case, the best time for foundation repair is during a beautiful, sunny day … just like the kind you might encounter in March in Maryland. Foundation repair definitely shouldn’t be done under conditions that could introduce moisture into the foundation.


AA Action Waterproofing Makes Foundation Repair Simple For You

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This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on March, 23, 2015