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The Importance Of A Firm Foundation

The Importance Of A Firm FoundationA home is only a strong as its foundation. When you decide to build the home of your dreams, take care to hire a contractor who will care as much about pouring the foundation to your house as you do. Look for references, talk to people, and call the better Business Bureau. You want to be sure that your foundation is strong, sturdy, and can take you and your family through a lifetime of happiness and harmony in a shelter that is strong.

You have the right to discuss your thoughts with your contractor. Some things to consider and discuss are:

  • Soil Conditions
  • Water Tables
  • Backfill Quality
  • Concrete Cure Time
  • Compacting
  • Waterproof Sealing
  • Installed Drainage System

These things can affect the solidity of your foundation and you’ll want to make sure that your builder or contractor has a firm plan in place to dig, pour, and begin the base of your home.

Poor soil conditions, such as high levels of clay or other organic material, will absorb water and increase the potential for cracks to the foundation during the chilly Maryland winters. Backfill that is too loose and aeriated can do the same. If the concrete is cured too quickly, it won’t reach the strength required to stay strong. If the concrete is poured over crushed stone that is not tamped firmly, it is more likely to crack or settle. And a waterproof sealant or membrane can save you hassle down the road, as will a preinstalled drainage system. Water seepage can take your perfectly-poured foundation and crack it, causing a host of problems for your basement and overall structure.

If you plan on turning your basement into a live-in area, consider installing rigid foam insulation beneath the slab to reduce problems with mold, mildew, and condensation.

AA Action Waterproofing can assist when it comes to drainage systems and waterproof sealing; from the foundation to the future.

Once your foundation is set and ready, the frame can go up with a little less worry than if you didn’t take the time to discuss these things with your contractor. You can count on your foundation to be the rock upon which your home is built for a long time to come.

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on December, 07, 2015