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The Damage Wet Basements Can Cause

Water Damaged Brick WallWhen most people think of their home’s basement, they rarely think of it as much more than an extra bit of space they can use for storage. In some cases, you may decide to turn it into a man cave or even a furnished living space, but no matter how you utilize it it’s vital that you don’t overlook it throughout the year.

Ignoring the health of your basement can lead to some serious consequences, especially when moisture is finding its way into the basement area somehow.

Many don’t’ fully realize just how damaging wet basements can be to homes, and it’s important you take the time to take a closer look at the damage they can cause.

  • Wet basements can quickly damage personal property that you have inside them. From carpet to boxes of old books or family photos, anything in a wet basement could be at risk of being damaged dramatically.
  • Mold is probably the most serious issue, and once mold growth starts it can quickly lead to health issues including respiratory illnesses, infections, and more. In severe cases mold has led to homes being totally condemned. As such, it’s important that you prevent mold growth as soon as possible by keeping basements dry.
  • Structural issues can occur if moisture is ignored for too long as well. Things like rot can happen before you realize it, and can lead to structural impairments of the home. This translates to decreased safety and lower overall property values.

As you can see, a wet basement is a serious problem that can have major impacts on your home and your family’s health within it. This even applies to crawlspaces, and it’s important that you do what you can to keep a check on these areas and keep them dry. AA Action Waterproofing can help with any scenario, so don’t hesitate to contact us and see what we can do for your basement and your home.

This entry was posted in Structural Damage, Water Damage on February, 18, 2016