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The 3 Health Signs That You Have Been Exposed To Mold

Portrait of a man blowing his nose over gray backgroundMold problems aren’t always the easiest to detect, and you can go days or months without ever knowing that mold has begun to grow rampant in your home. In dark basements or seldom visited crawlspaces, mold is provided with the perfect environment to thrive, and you’ll be unlikely to see it until it’s really begun to take over and destroy property. Luckily, in some respects, it’s a good thing that mold effects our health the way it does, as it can provide some key clues that it could be taking over even if it remains unseen.

We want to outline a few signs your health may be telling you about a mold problem, and the 3 health signs of mold you should look out for are:

  1. Dirty taste in mouth – When mold spores are breathed in, particularly during sleep, you can experience and earthy or dirty taste in the back of your mouth you don’t expect. If you wake up in the morning with a bad taste in your mouth, it could be your health’s way of giving you the clue to mold’s presence.
  2. Sore throat – When mold is breathed in, it irritates the throat and its mucus lining, leaving you feeling sore and dry. While waking up with an occasional sore throat may be no big deal, the problem staying constant could be pointing you in the direction of mold.
  3. Runny or stuffy nose – Allergies can cause runny or stuffy nose, and you may think that your sinus problems are simply seasonal. However, if you just can’t seem to kick them, and they begin taking over your health, it could be mold making itself known to your sinuses.

Mold problems require mold remediation, and this is where we at AA Action Waterproofing can help. If you have experienced any of these signs, and you suspect mold may be to blame, call us today so our professionals can assess the situation and leave your home mold-free once and for all!

This entry was posted in Mold & Mildew, Mold Remediation on February, 19, 2016